Manage your email preference


Notifications enable you to 1) receive the Labii newsletter, 2) receive Labii system emails, 3) communicate with your team.

List view

A list of notifications can be load at Settings -> Notifications. The list view displays the Name, From, and Is Read columns.

You will only see the notifications sent to you.

Add notification

Click "+" to add a new notification. Fill the following fields as needed:

  • Name - the name of the notification

  • Body - the content of the notification. The rich text and mention are supported.

  • Parent - the parent notification. This field will be filled when the "Reply" button is clicked.

  • Should Email - Force an email to be sent. If checked, an email will be sent even if the receivers unsubscribed their email preferences.

  • Rows - The records that are associated with this notification. This field will be filled when click "Add Notification" at the detail view.‚Äč

  • To - The users who will receive the notification.

  • Teams - The team to receive the notification.

At least one "To" or "Team" field should be filled.

Delete notification

Click the "Delete" icon in the list view to delete a notification.

Detail view

Click a notification name to view the detail of a notification. All fields are read-only and can not be updated.

Reply notification

Click the "Reply" item on the left panel or More dropdown to create a reply notification. The original author will receive the notification.

System notifications

Labii has improved our email system to use the notification center.

Here is a list of notifications you might receive:



Can be unsubscribed

Labii Newsletter

Updates from Labii.


Organization digest

Organization administrators will receive a weekly organization performance digest.


Project digest

Project managers will receive a weekly project performance digest.


Individual digest

Members will receive a weekly performance digest.


Filter digest

Filter users will receive daily/weekly/monthly update about the filter


Signature request

Co-signers/witnesses will receive a signature request from your co-workers.


Mention notification

Mention user will receive notifications from your co-workers.



On default, an email will be sent when a notification is received. If you do not want to receive these emails, click "Unsubscribe" in your email to updated your settings.

Alternatively, the settings can also been changed at Settings -> Personnel -> [Your Name] -> Should Receive Notification Email -> false. Change the value to "true" to resubscribe.

You will still receive the notification emails when:

  1. Critical permission changes to your account

  2. Your colleagues send a notification to you and mark "Should Email = true".