Download or configure the backup settings


Backup at Labii is generated automatically. Labii provides two different backups:

  • Database Backup, all database data of your organization in json format.

  • Files Backup, all files uploaded.

Both of backups are downloadable.

Viewing Backup

Backup is available at Settings -> Backup.

A list of backup will be displayed. Click the name of a Backup to view the backup details. Click Download Database Backup or Download Files Backup to download the backup files.

Backup Detail View

Create a Backup

A new backup can be created manually. To do that. Click Menu -> Create a Backup.

Create a Backup

This might take a while. It is OK for you to navigate to other pages. The new backup will be available in the list once finished.

Configure Backup

A backup is created automatic in monthly basis. The backup rate and frequency can be configured as needed.

  1. Menu -> Configure Backup

  2. In the modal form, update the backup_frequency and backup_rate. Click the Submit to apply the changes.

Configure Backup Frequency and Rate