Checkout your payment detail.


Statements is generated automatically in monthly basis. Only administrators can view the payment details. Administrators will receive an email notification when each statement is generated.

Statement List

The following columns are included in statement list display:

  • Date start, the start date of the statement

  • Date end, the end date of the statement

  • Subscription cost, the subscription fee of the statement. If a new user is added during the month, the cost will be reflected in this statement

  • PPU cost, the cost of creating records. This number will update as more records been created at the statement period.

  • Widget usage cost, the cost of using widgets. Some widgets are not free. This fee reflect the cost of using such widgets.

  • Record storage cost, the database storage fee.

  • File storage cost, the file storage fee.

  • Total, total cost.

Statement List

Statement Detail

The statement detail contain 3 sections. Overview, Details (PPU) and Details (Widget).

The Overview display the details of each cost, including the count, the price, and the final cost.

Details (PPU) shows all records created during the statement period.

Details (Widget) shows all widgets that been charged during the statement period.