Show the records that linked


When ForeignKey or ForeignKeys column is used in Record A to reference Record B, how to find out A is referencing B when viewing the details of B? Or, if Sample A has a column "location" and refers to Location B, how to find out a list of samples sits in Location B?
This is exactly what Backlink is designed for.
3 Fields need to be defined for Backlink.
  • Table, the table of the record you want to display.
  • Column, which ForeignKey or ForeignKeys column referenced to this record. When the table changes, the column options changes automatically.
  • Fields, other fields to display. On default, the name of the record will be displayed.
Edit view of widget Backlink

View records

A list of records is displayed, the name and the selected fields are included. The items display in the backlink is similar to the list view, except only selected fields are displayed.
Similar to the list view, you can edit/code a field directly inside the backlink widget.

Create a new record

Click "New xxx" to add a new record that will be linked to the current record directly. The form is exactly identical to Add Record.

Duplicate a record

Click "Duplicate icon" next to a record to duplicate a record. This function is extremely helpful to create similar records.

Import records

As promised, Labii has added this feature to enable you to add linked records in batch. Click "Import xxx" to start importing.
Please note, all imported records will be assigned with the current record directly.

List view

Use the List view to show the records specifically meet the filter requirements. When opened in the list view, the full list functionalities can be used. For example, bulk edit or export.