Update and manage Labii access of your team members


People (previously known as Personnel) are the members of your organization that have permission to document research data. Use it to control who can access your research data.

There are 4 roles for the people based on the configuration:

  • Administrators - In Labii, the administrator is the user with control over the account. They are responsible for configuring accounts to meet the company's research needs. Administrators are also your company's point of contact with Labii. Feedbacks/questions from end users should be collected by administrators and provided to Labii. Mark a user as the administrator by setting is_administrator=true.

  • Read-write users - The read-write users are the members of the organization. Members are able to create and edit records as well as read and sign records already in place.

  • Read-only users - Read-only users can only view and sign records. They can't edit any records. Users with read-only permissions are best suited for people who don't need to perform benchling work but simply need to review the data. Mark a user as a read-only user by setting is_readonly=true.

  • Archived users - When an employee leaves the company, the user should be archived to block access.

Labii does not charge the archived members. The seat of a archived user can be used for other users.

List of people

You can manage a list of users by clicking Settings at the side menu and then select People.

Search people

You can search people by typing a keyword into the search bar in the people list view, and then clicking Search. The search results can always be cleared by clicking the Clear button.

Filter people

With the Filter function, you can limit the number of people displayed. You can do that by clicking Active people and then selecting a filter from the dropdown. Here are a list of filters:

  • All people. Filter to display all users.

  • Active people. Filter to display the active users.

  • Archived people. Filter to display the archived users. The archived users can not access the data.

  • Administrators. Filter to display a list of administrators.

  • Read-write users. Filter to display a list of members who can read and write.

  • Read-only users. Filter to display a list of users who can only view the records.

People detail

Click a user's name to view the detail of the people. Here are the fields of a people object:

  • Overview

    • Date Updated - automatically captured in the background within Labii ELN & LIMS when changes are made

    • Updated By - The Personnel who updated any of the fields listed above

  • User information

    • Last Name

    • First Name

    • Email

    • Title - the title of the user

    • Date Start - when did the personnel join the organization

    • Date End - the end date which will block user access

  • Permissions

    • Is Administrator - whether the user is the administrator

    • Is Readonly - The user can be set to a read-only account by checking this box. The administrator cannot be set as a read-only user.

    • Teams - List of teams the user belong to

    • Permissions - List of permissions of the user

  • Settings

    • Is Use Single Sign-On - disable it if the user does not want to use SSO. To use SSO, please make sure the organization has enabled this feature.

    • Should Receive Weekly Digest - you can choose if you’d like to receive an email about your weekly activities by either checking or unchecking the box

    • Should Receive Mention Notification - if checked, you will receive an email whenever a co-worker mentions you in a record.

  • Metadata - For each metadata, the label and value need to be provided. Multiple metadata can be added via clicking Add Metadata button

  • Is Archived - Ability to archive a member, if checked, the member’s access will be blocked

  • Status - The status of the current user

    • Not activated - the user is not activated

    • Archived - the user has been archived

    • Active - the user is active

Add people

  1. You can add new personnel to your organization by clicking the “+ people” button on the people list view.

  2. Fill in the required fields: email, first/last name, and title. You also have additional fields that are optional as well. Once done updating the fields, click submit.

  3. Once submitted, the new user will receive an email to activate their account and set up their login password.

If you are using the subscription plan and are out of seats, please contact to add more seats.

If you are on the PPU plan, you can add unlimited members.

Send access email

Users who don't have Labii access or who aren't activated can resend the access email by clicking on the Send Access Email button under the status.

The button can be found at People -> Select a user -> Status

Import people

Multiple users can be added simultaneously using Import. You can do this by clicking Import in the people list view.

Export people

You can export a list of users by clicking Export button and select one option from the dropdown.

Duplicate people

You can create a similar user with Duplicate function. Click on a user's name to open the people detail view, and then click Duplicate.

Archive people

To archive a user, open the detail of a people and set is_archived = true.

Deactivate user

If a user has been archived, you can further deactivate the user's login access. To do that:

  1. Reload the page, and click Deactivate user button.

Please make sure the user has been archived from all Labii organizations.

Setup user account

After your administrator adds you to Labii, you will receive an email titled "Your Labii Access" to set up your account information.

To set up your account, locate and open the email "Your Labii Access". Then, click the "Get My Access" button.

Follow the steps to verify and update your information once you click the link.

  1. Verify that your first name is correct, if not, enter a new one.

  2. Verify that your last name is correct, if not, enter a new one.

  3. Enter a new password. You can always change the password later using the Forgot Password link.

  4. If you would like to use two-factor authentication, enter your phone number and check the "Should Enable MFA" box.

Following submission, you will be able to use Labii directly.

"Get My Access" can only be used once for security reasons.

If you have not set up your account, you will encounter the following error during login.

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