Managing and tracking versions of the current record


The Labii versions widget serves as a centralized repository for managing and tracking versions of the current record. Labii automatically generates a new version for every individual change made, ensuring comprehensive version control. Users can easily access previous versions by clicking on the respective version links, enabling them to review earlier iterations of the record. Additionally, the widget facilitates seamless restoration to a previous version if required, providing users with flexibility and control over their data revisions.

This widget is similar to the Versions tab of record details view.

Use case

  • View a list of versions of current record.


No additional configurations are required or supported.

Display versions

The widget exhibits a roster of versions, each accompanied by a version number and a commit message. This message encapsulates the activity, the user responsible, and the timestamp corresponding to the creation of the version.

Additionally, in upholding the integrity of research data, the versions widget furnishes a distinctive hash key for every version. Functioning akin to blockchain technology, this hash key safeguards against any unauthorized alterations to existing versions, reinforcing the reliability and trustworthiness of the data.

Version Preview

To preview a version, just click on the commit message associated with it. This action will open the version in a print view mode, with read-only permissions enabled.

Update commit message

Users possess the capability to customize the commit message for streamlined note-taking purposes. Should they wish to designate a specific version for future reference, they can simply click the "Edit" button to input their own personalized commit message.

Restore a version

To revert to a previous version, simply click the "Restore to Version xxx" button. This action will restore the data to the selected version. Simultaneously, a new version will be generated with the commit message "Restored to version xxx".

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