Column Citation

Exhibit columns from a linked record that are specified by ForeignKey columns




0.3.0 (updated on 2024-03-05)


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Support Readonly view


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Support Form view


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The Labii Column Citation widget functions similarly to the Record Citation tool, offering a convenient method to exhibit columns from a linked record that are specified by ForeignKey columns. This widget provides users within the Labii platform an efficient means to showcase and utilize data stored in interconnected records, facilitating a seamless display of relevant column information across linked records.

Use case

  1. Display the unit of a checkin record from stock.


To enable the widget's functionality, it requires the provision of options. Each option comprises the following three fields:

  • Source column - To define the data source, select one of the ForeignKey columns.

  • Index - The index of the Unique Code within the source column. If multiple Unique Codes are defined in the configuration of the source column, specify an index number to indicate which Unique Code to use. Defaults to 1.

  • Fields - You can choose one or more fields to display.

  • Should display header - The headers of the fields will be displayed if you check this box.


    "column": {"sid":"", "name":""},
    "fields": [],
    "should_display_header": true


See the interface of the widget in the following views.

Readonly view

Readonly view display the values of the column.

Edit view

The Edit view is the interface that allows you to modify the value.

Edit view is not supported.

Form view

The Form view is the field integrated into the add form for collecting values when creating a new record.

The Form view is not supported.


Each widget in Labii stores data in a unique manner; refer below to understand how data from this widget is stored.

Data format

No data will be stored for this widget.

Default value

The Default Value field within the column allows you to specify the default value when a record is created.

Default value is not supported.

Import value

The Import Value is the value you need to include in your Excel table for it to be imported into Labii.

Import value is not supported.

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