Section Widgets


The "Section widgets" within Labii provide a powerful mechanism for displaying and modifying unstructured data within a designated section of records. Labii leverages these widgets to seamlessly handle unstructured data, allowing users to interact with and modify information in a more intuitive and structured manner. These widgets serve as a dynamic interface, offering a comprehensive view and editable fields tailored to the specific requirements of managing unstructured data for a section of records. By integrating the "Section widgets," Labii enhances the user experience, enabling efficient handling and customization of unstructured data within a specified context, thereby contributing to a more streamlined and user-centric data management process.


  • Office

  • Data Display - Present lists or detailed information about other records within a user interface.

  • Regulation

  • Productivity

  • Process Management

  • Diagram

  • Reference Manager

  • Data Analysis

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Combination

Documentation structure

The "Section widgets" adhere to a well-defined documentation structure, designed to enhance user accessibility and comprehension. This structured approach aims to make it easy for users to follow and understand the functionality of the "Section widgets," ensuring a user-friendly experience when working with these tools.

  • Overview

  • Use cases

  • Settings

  • Interface

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