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0.2.0 (updated on 2023-10-18)


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Support Readonly view


Support Edit view



The Links widget empowers users to effortlessly generate and access hyperlinks directly from the dashboard. With the Links widget, you can efficiently create links and conveniently open them, enhancing your interactive experience and streamlining your navigation within the dashboard environment.

Use Case

  • Click on a link to initiate the addition of a record with prepopulated information.

  • Bookmark a link to conveniently access the sample orders required by the lab manager.

Readonly View

To add a new link, simply click the "Add Link" button. In the ensuing pop-up window, input the name, link, and any other required details, then proceed by clicking "Submit."

  • Name

  • Link - You can copy any link within the Labii platform or outside of Labii. Leave it empty to add a text node.

  • Should display as button - If checked, the link will be displayed as a button.

  • Color - Button color or text color

Click the edit icon next to a link to edit the link.

Click the delete icon next to a link to delete a link

Drag and drop the link to the preferred position. The order will automatically be updated.

Edit View

The edit view is not supported for this widget.

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