When Labii offers training or customer service to your team, the resulting video will be uploaded here for new members to view upon joining the company.


When Labii offers training or customer service to your team, the resulting video will be uploaded here for new members to view upon joining the company.

Videos can only been added by administrators or Labii representatives.

Demo videos

Labii's demo page offers a comprehensive list of views that provide an overview of the range of features and functionalities on their apps in the ELN and LIMS system. In this page, you can get a glimpse of the power and versatility of Labii's software solutions that are designed to transform and streamline the way scientific research and data management is conducted.

You can also watch demo videos via Demo widget at dashboard.


Labii is the first platform to integrate an ELN and LIMS into a single platform. This introduction covers how Labii is designed, how the permission controls work, and how we store and organize the records. We recommend watching this demo video before watching other live demos. (11:00 min)

Research and development typically focuses on innovations and proof of concepts, often using a small set of samples. As long as the data generated by researchers can be replicated by other scientists and meets all regulatory requirements, there is no need to document every detail. Scientists prefer to capture results quickly and with minimal effort, which is why they tend to document their data in one segment each day—simply noting what they worked on that day. A rich text editor with support for different file types may be best suited for this purpose. At Labii, we developed the Notes function to make it easy for researchers and developers to quickly document what they worked on each day, as well as meet the requirements of an electronic lab notebook. With this feature, you can easily create quick notes and fulfill all of your research and development needs. (6:17 min)

Labii offers a solution to the unique requirements of scientists working in production environments, where strict adherence to standard operating procedures (SOP) and standardized experiment notes is necessary. By providing the ability to structure experiments into sections, Labii allows users to create an Electronic Laboratory Notebook that is tailored to meet the specific demands of production work. This customization allows scientists to effectively document their work while maintaining compliance with industry standards. Labii's Electronic Lab Notebook allows for the creation of organized and efficient experiment documentation in production environments. By breaking down experiments into Sections, you can capture all necessary details with minimal time spent on note-taking. This allows you to meet production requirements while maximizing your time and effort. (6:32 min)

Task management is the process of monitoring your project's tasks through their various stages from start to finish. Labii's task management is designed to increase work efficiency by providing a centralized platform for organizing and tracking tasks. This allows team members to easily see what needs to be done, who is responsible for it, and the status of the task. Furthermore, Labii's task management allows users to keep track of their schedules, and also promotes collaboration among team members to ensure everyone is on the same page. (3:06 min)

The diabetes tracker is the application that helps individuals with diabetes, track their blood sugar levels. It includes the meal and glucose level logging, trend analysis, and alerts for high or low blood sugar levels. Labii can be used as diabetes tracker to improve glucose management and make better treatment decisions. (4:02 min)

Training videos

Labii offers a wealth of resources to help you get the most out of their ELN and LIMS systems, including a variety of training options. If you're looking for quick and convenient guidance on specific features, Labii's training videos are a great place to start. These videos are designed to provide step-by-step instructions on how to use selected features of Labii's platform, so you can easily learn at your own pace.

If you require more comprehensive guidance, the documentation section on the Labii website offers detailed instructions and documentation for all aspects of their software. This section contains a wealth of information that can help you troubleshoot issues and get the most out of your Labii experience.

For a more personalized training experience, you can also request a live training by scheduling a meeting with a Labii representative.


Learn about your responsibilities as a Labii administrator, how to configure your organization, and how to create a backup. (5:38 min)

Watch this video to learn how to manage user access at the organizational and project levels. (6:37 min)

Watch this video to learn how to configure tables for your research needs. (9:20 min)

Labii enables you to sign and witness experiment records within an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) to meet FDA 21 CFR part 11 requirements. (4:29 min)

Support videos

Support videos created by Labii for customer support purposes likely cover a range of topics, such as product tutorials, troubleshooting guides, and optimization tips. These videos are designed to offer clear and concise visual demonstrations, often incorporating narration or on-screen text to aid customers in understanding and replicating the actions. They typically provide step-by-step instructions and may address common issues, error messages, and solutions. Inclusivity features like closed captions and language options are commonly included, along with search and indexing functionality for easy access. Labii would ensure their support videos remain up-to-date to reflect any product or service changes, and they may make these videos accessible on multiple platforms for customer convenience.

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