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2.1.0 (updated on 2023-11-04)


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The Labii Appointment widget is a powerful function that enables users to efficiently schedule and manage appointments by setting both start and end date and time parameters seamlessly. With its user-friendly and customizable interface, this widget simplifies the process of creating appointments and events that require specific start and end times. Users can easily select and customize these time ranges, ensuring precise scheduling for a wide range of applications, such as booking meetings, reserving time slots, or planning events. Labii Appointment widget enhances the user experience by providing a convenient and intuitive way to manage appointments with precise control over start and end times, streamlining scheduling and planning tasks.

Use case

  1. Use this widget to set the time of a task.

  2. Use this widget to set the time of appointment for using equipment.


The widget will function without additional setup, but you have the option to utilize the configuration to customize the time displayed.


Use - as time separator.

    "separator": "-"

Display time conflicted message.

    "conflict_warning_message": "Time conflicted"


See the interface of the widget in the following views.

Readonly view

Readonly view display the values of the column.

Text color

  • Black, future date

  • Orange, current date time

  • Red, past date time

Add appointment to calendar

To incorporate the event into your Google Calendar, simply click the button.

Display conflict message

You have the flexibility to tailor the "conflict_warning_message" within the configuration settings, allowing you to display a conflict message when there is an appointment overlap with another record.

Edit view

The Edit view is the interface that allows you to modify the value.

Form view

The Form view is the field integrated into the add form for collecting values when creating a new record.

The Form view is same as the Edit view.


Each widget in Labii stores data in a unique manner; refer below to understand how data from this widget is stored.

Data format


    "date_start": "",
    "time_start": "",
    "date_end": "",
    "time_end": ""

Default value

The Default Value field within the column allows you to specify the default value when a record is created.

Default value shall be the json described above.

Import value

The Import Value is the value you need to include in your Excel table for it to be imported into Labii.

Import value shall be the json described above.

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