Labii's technical documentation


Labii's documentation offers comprehensive guidelines for every feature of the platform, ensuring that users can troubleshoot any technical issues or configure settings to their specific needs. The documentation provides detailed step-by-step instructions, as well as screenshots and diagrams, to assist users in understanding each feature and its capabilities. With this level of detailed guidance, users can easily navigate the platform and maximize its potential to improve their research and data management processes. Whether you're a new user or an experienced one, the Labii documentation is an invaluable resource for enhancing your experience with the platform.

How to access the documentation

Two ways to access the documentation:

  1. To access the Documentation page, simply click on the "Support" button in the top menu and then choose "Documentation" from the available options.

In page documentation

Labii's "In Page Documentation" is a dynamic and user-friendly feature designed to enhance the user experience by providing quick and context-specific information as users navigate through different pages within the platform. This feature serves as a handy guide, offering succinct messages tailored to the content of the currently opened page.

One of the key aspects of Labii's in page documentation is its adaptability, ensuring that the information presented evolves seamlessly as users explore various functionalities. This real-time updating feature keeps users informed about the specific context of the page they are viewing, facilitating a smoother and more intuitive interaction with the platform.

In addition to providing brief messages, the in page documentation also includes direct links to the comprehensive documentation page. This allows users to delve deeper into specific functions, accessing detailed information and instructions whenever needed. The seamless integration of these links streamlines the learning process, enabling users to gain a comprehensive understanding of Labii's capabilities and functionalities.

To further enhance user engagement and support, the in page documentation incorporates the "Ask LabiiGPT" function. This interactive feature empowers users to ask any questions related to Labii directly within the platform. By offering a quick and accessible channel for obtaining information, users can easily seek clarification or guidance, enhancing their overall experience with Labii.

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