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The Member widget in Labii grants users the ability to select a team member from a list of options within the platform. This widget comes equipped with the functionality to set limitations on who can be chosen, providing administrators or users with control over the available selections. Additionally, it enables the sending of custom messages, allowing for personalized communication or notifications associated with the chosen team member. This feature-rich widget streamlines the process of selecting team members, fostering clear communication and collaboration within the Labii platform.

Use case

  1. Use this widget to define the user who schedule the equipment.

  2. Use this widget to appoint the PI to sign.


The widget operates seamlessly without extra setup, allowing selection from all members by default. Using the configuration options, you can customize the selectable members and set notification messages for users accordingly, enabling precise control over the selection process and user communication.

  • Name display - How do you want to display the name?

    • Full Name

    • Initials

  • Team - Select a team to limit the selection of members. If not selected, all active users will be selectable.

  • Should limit to oneself - If this box is ticked, individuals can only choose themselves.

  • Email subject - By providing the value here, you can customize the email subject. You can use variables to replace some of data.

  • Email body - By providing the value here, you can customize the email body. Variables that can be replaced: {{UID}} - The UID of the trigger record. {{NAME}} - The name of the trigger record. {{ROW}} - The current record with link.


    "name_display": "full_name",# or initials
    "team": {"sid": "xxx", "name": "xxx"}, # (optional) - team sid to limit team member to be selected
    "subject": "xxx", # (optional) - email subject
    # subject variables
    # {{UID}} - the UID of the current record
    # {{NAME}} - the Name of the current record
    "body": "xxx", # (optional) - email body
    # both subject and body support the following variables
    # {{UID}}
    # {{NAME}}
    # {{ROW}} - the current row with link


See the interface of the widget in the following views.

Readonly view

Readonly view display the values of the column.

Edit view

The Edit view is the interface that allows you to modify the value.

Form view

The Form view is the field integrated into the add form for collecting values when creating a new record.

The Form view is same as the Edit view.


Each widget in Labii stores data in a unique manner; refer below to understand how data from this widget is stored.

Data format

JSON object with the keys of sid and name.

{"sid": "", "name": ""}

Default value

The Default Value field within the column allows you to specify the default value when a record is created.

Default value shall be User name in the format of "[First name] [Last name]". For example: John Goodway

Import value

The Import Value is the value you need to include in your Excel table for it to be imported into Labii.

Import value shall be User name in the format of "[First name] [Last name]". For example: John Goodway

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