Widgets to display and modification of interconnected column data


Labii offers a suite of versatile column-related widgets designed to streamline the display and modification of interconnected column data within the Labii platform. These widgets, including Column Citation and Column Addition, facilitate the seamless referencing, visualization, and manipulation of specific column data from related records. The Column Citation widget enables users to display columns from linked records, leveraging ForeignKey columns to showcase relevant information. Conversely, the Column Addition widget empowers users to perform calculations on numeric columns from a source record defined by ForeignKey widgets, allowing for dynamic manipulation and analysis of interconnected data. Together, these widgets provide a comprehensive solution for users to effortlessly access, view, and modify linked column data, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in research workflows within the Labii ELN ecosystem.


  • Record Citation - Display column data from one record

  • Column Citation - Exhibit columns from a linked record that are specified by ForeignKey columns

  • Column Data - Display data from another record defined in the source

  • Column Addition - Perform calculations on numeric columns originating from a source record

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