Code Editor

A powerful tool that enables developers to write, edit, and debug code


The Code Editor widget serves as a versatile interface for developers to create and modify code. It provides a comprehensive set of tools and functionalities to streamline the coding process and make it more efficient. Whether working on a small script or a large project, the Code Editor widget ensures a smooth and hassle-free coding experience.

Use cases

  • Writing and editing code: The Code Editor widget allows developers to write and edit code directly within the interface. It supports a wide range of programming languages and provides useful features like syntax highlighting and code completion, making it easier to spot errors and write clean code.


The Code Editor widget does not require any specific settings.


The interface of the Code Editor widget is designed to provide developers with a clean and intuitive working environment. It offers a text editor with line numbers, enabling easy navigation within the code. The interface also provides options to switch between different programming languages and code schemas, ensuring flexibility and compatibility.

It can be customized based on individual preferences or project requirements. Some optional settings that can be configured include:

  • Language selection: Developers can choose the programming language they want to work with, and the Code Editor widget will adapt its syntax highlighting and code completion features accordingly.

  • Schema selection: The Code Editor widget supports different code schemas, allowing developers to work with specific frameworks or libraries.

Supported languages

  • html

  • javascript

  • json

  • markdown

  • mysql

  • perl

  • python

  • r

  • shell

  • typescript

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