Text inputs

Seamless collection of textual or numerical data in various fields


Text input widgets is a collection of user interface elements that enables the seamless collection of textual or numerical data in various fields. These widgets typically include text input fields, numeric input fields, tailored to specific data types or formats. Such a group enhances data entry and validation, ensuring accurate and structured input for tasks ranging from forms and surveys to data entry applications. These widgets streamline the user experience by offering intuitive and efficient means to gather textual or numerical information.


  • Text - Edit text value

  • MultilineText - Edit text with multiline

  • RichText - Rich text editor

  • Number - Edit numeric value

  • RangeUnit - Displaying numerical values in a series of predefined units

  • Email - Stores and verifies email addresses

  • Secret - Display sensitive value as ***

  • Link - Create links to external data

  • Address - Display address information

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