CKEditor Restricted

Allows you to define which parts of a document can be editable for a group of users who have more restricted editing rights


CKEditor Restricted provides a way to restrict editing rights within a document, enabling certain areas to be designated as editable while restricting other areas. This feature is useful for scenarios such as creating experiment protocols where certain variables need to be updated, creating invoice or email templates, and more. By controlling the editing permissions, users with restricted rights can still make necessary edits in designated regions while preserving the integrity of the rest of the document.

Use cases

  • Creating experiment protocols and only allowing certain variables to be updated.

  • Creating invoice templates that restrict editing to specific fields.

  • Creating email templates where the main message remains uneditable while allowing customization of certain sections.


No specific settings are needed for CKEditor Restricted.


CKEditor Restricted provides two editing modes:

Standard editing mode:

In this mode, the user can freely edit the content and choose regions that should be editable in the restricted editing mode. To create a restricted area:

  • Switch to the Standard editing mode if not already in it.

  • Type in the text as usual.

  • Select the text that should be defined as changeable.

  • Click the "Enable editing" icon. The selected area will be displayed in orange.

Restricted editing mode:

In this mode, the user can only edit the content within the regions previously chosen in the standard editing mode. To use this mode:

  • Switch to the Restricted editing mode if not already in it.

  • Click on the highlighted area and type in the necessary information.

Generate text context with AI

You can also generate content with AI for CKEditor Restricted widget.

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