Efficiently create and manage events


The Calendar widget in Labii allows users to efficiently create and manage events within their workflows. It offers a user-friendly interface for scheduling activities, meetings, or deadlines, enabling seamless organization and tracking of important dates. Users can effortlessly add, edit, and view events directly within Labii, facilitating collaboration and ensuring timely execution of tasks. The Calendar widget provides a centralized platform to streamline event management, enhancing productivity and coordination within teams or individual projects.

Use cases

  • Display list of tasks to be done in a experiment.


No settings are required.


The Labii Calendar widget boasts a sleek and intuitive interface, presenting a comprehensive display that includes month, week, and agenda views. Users can effortlessly toggle between these views, offering flexibility in how they visualize their schedule. The month view provides a bird's-eye perspective, showcasing an entire month's worth of events at a glance, while the week view offers a more detailed breakdown of each week's schedule, aiding in precise planning. The agenda view condenses events into a structured list, facilitating quick access to specific details and ensuring a clear overview of upcoming activities. This versatile interface empowers users to efficiently manage their events, catering to various preferences and enhancing productivity.

Add event

In the Labii Calendar widget, initiating a new event is effortlessly streamlined through two convenient methods. Firstly, users can click the "Add Event" button to create a new entry swiftly. Alternatively, they can seamlessly select an available time slot directly from the calendar display, eliminating the need to navigate away from the current view. Upon selecting the preferred method, users are prompted to input essential details like the title and date-time for the event. Once these details are filled in, the event is successfully added, allowing users to seamlessly manage their schedule without unnecessary complexities.

Edit event

Click an event and to edit the event at the pop-out.

Delete event

Click an event and then click Delete to delete an event.

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