Column Widgets

Basic column type widgets


Column widgets are associated with columns used for defining and customizing structured data. They are similar to the data types in MySQL, but are more powerful in that functions can be attached.


There are usually two views available for column widgets:
  • Form view - Form field displayed inside the form. The view is usually the same as the edit view.
  • Edit view - You can update the value of a column in the edit view, which usually appears as a form field.
  • Readonly view - Column value is displayed.


A column widget will display different action buttons depending on its requirements. They are usually displayed as icons in the list view, and buttons in the detail view. Most action buttons are hidden when you only have read-only permission.


A column widget usually comes with an Edit button that enables you to update its value


Widgets that allow additional configuration will also show the Configure button. The Configure button is only available to administrators.

Other actions

Additional action buttons may appear based on the specific requirements for each column widget.


If a widget requires specific configurations, the configuration field will be available for editing. Please follow the widget detail to update the configuration.

Default value

The default value of the column can be provided in order to get the value filled. The format of the default value should be identical to the format of the import value of the column.

Import value

Data input from the import sheet is supported by some widgets. Check out each widget's specifications to learn how to prepare values.