Dropdown type of widgets


In Labii, the dropdown type of widgets, including Select, ForeignKey, and Members, provide users with versatile options for making selections within the platform. These widgets belong to the category of interactive elements that enable users to choose specific values or entities from predefined lists. The Select widget allows users to pick from a list of options, providing a straightforward selection mechanism. ForeignKey widens this functionality by establishing links to other records or data sets, enabling users to choose from associated records with clickable links. The Members widget further expands on this, allowing selection of one or multiple team members, facilitating collaboration and communication within the Labii platform. Together, these dropdown widgets offer a spectrum of selection capabilities tailored to different data interaction needs, enhancing user flexibility and efficiency in data management.


  • Select - Craft personalized dropdown options within interfaces

  • MultiSelect - Crafts custom dropdown choices for selecting one or more options

  • ForeignKey - Establishes a link to another record, enabling a direct association between related data sets

  • ForeignKeys - Akin to the ForeignKey widget but offers the capacity to link to one or multiple other records

  • Member - Select a team member from a list of options

  • Members - Select one or multiple team members from a list of options within the platform

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