Electronic Lab Notebook

Use Labii as Electronic Lab Notebook


An Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) is a software tool used by scientists, engineers, and technicians to document research, experiments, and procedures performed in a laboratory. Electronic lab notebooks are intended to replace paper lab notebooks.

Labii electronic lab notebook is a digital solution for recording laboratory data with features such as rich text editing, cross-referencing, customizable permissions, file insertion, widgets, and experiment templates. It is automatically saved and compliant with FDA regulations.

Research and development is often led by creativity and exploration, and conducted with a limited sample set. Once the data produced has been authenticated and meets all related regulations, detailed documentation is not necessary. Researchers usually take a time-saving approach when it comes to recording results, so a convenient one-day snapshot model may be implemented. For this purpose, a user-friendly rich text editor with many file type options may be the best solution.

Labii's Notes feature offers an efficient method for researchers and developers to document their progress every day and comply with electronic lab notebook requirements. This handy tool allows you to create succinct notes, thereby providing everything you need to fulfill your research and development objectives.

Labii is designed to meet the specific needs of scientists who are working in production environments, where following standard operating procedures (SOP) and keeping standardized experiment notes is essential. Through its ability to divide experiments into sections, Labii lets its users create an Electronic Laboratory Notebook that is tailored to the requirements of production work, allowing scientists to effectively document their work while still being compliant with industry standards.

Labii's Electronic Lab Notebook enables well-structured, time-saving documentation of experiments in productio environments. By segmenting experiments into Sections, all the essential details can be captured with minimal effort and time. This results in you being able to meet production requirements and enhancing your productivity.

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