Flowcharts represent processes, algorithms, or step-by-step solutions graphically.


A Flowchart is a graphically representation of the process, algorithm or the step-by-step solution of the problem. The Flowchart widget replaces and improves the previous Workflow widget.

In contrast to the previous Workflow widget, which was dependent on workflow settings, the Flowchart is independent and can manage different steps.

Flowchart can be used via the following procedures:

  1. Create steps

  2. Build flowchart diagram from the steps

  3. Complete each step.

Use case

  • Use this widget to manage purchase workflow

  • Use this widget to manage the sample receiving workflow

Manage steps

In the Flowchart diagram, each box represents a step. To manage a list of steps, click Manage steps or Add step.

Additionally, you can save the steps and have them loaded automatically on new records by using the Save as default function.

Step fields

A step contains the following fields:

  • Name - Name of the step, use letters and number only

  • Description - the description of the step, or instructions

  • Parent - the parent of the step. Choose a step from the previous workflow to connect two workflows

  • Shape - The shape of the node. Learn more at https://mermaid-js.github.io/mermaid/#/flowchart?id=node-shapes

  • Color - the color of the box

  • Condition - the condition leads to the current step, letters, and numbers only. The condition will be added to the arrow between two boxes in the diagram.

  • Redirect To - redirect back to a previous step, this can be used to create a repeat loop

  • Redirect To Text - The text to describe the redirect to action. Default to 'Redirect to'.

  • Action - the action to complete the step. You can create more than one actions.

    • Name - Name of the action

    • Icon - The icon of the action

    • Action - The action to perform

    • Parameters - Additional parameters to provide

  • Protocol - the protocol to guide the step. This protocol can be any record created and will be included in the box.

Add step

Click Add step button to add a new step. Click Manage steps first if you don't see the Add step button.

Edit step

Click Edit button of a step to edit a step.

Delete step

Click Delete button of a step to remove a step.

Move step upward or downward

Drag and drop the move icon to move a step upward or downward.

Step actions

The following is a list of supported actions.

  • OPENLINK, Open an URL.

  • OPENSECTION, Open a section in the new tab.

  • EXECUTEWORKFLOW, Execute a workflow.

Use case:

  1. Open a link: {'action': 'OPENLINK', 'parameters': 'https://www.xxx.com'}

  2. Open a Gmail: {'action': 'OPENLINK', 'parameters': 'https://mail.google.com/mail/?view=cm&fs=1&to=someone@example.com&su=SUBJECT&body=BODY&bcc=someone.else@example.com'}

  3. Open form to create a new sample: {'action': 'OPENLINK', 'parameters': '/form/rows/experiments/0/?d0RLUmZpZWxkc19kaXNhYmxlZHlIUVo_=is_archived'}

  4. Add an notification: {'action': 'OPENLINK', 'parameters': '/form/settings/notifications/0/?d0RLUmZpZWxkc19kaXNhYmxlZHlIUVo_=is_archived'}

  5. Execute a workflow (create 5 vials): {'action': 'EXECUTEWORKFLOW', 'parameters': 'ehkn0a40x1glqvAFKP'}

Flowchart diagram

To view the flowchart diagram, click Show diagram. Follow the diagram to work on and complete each step.

Build flowchart

You can build a flowchart from the steps by clicking the Build flowchart button. If you have updated the steps, you can also click the button to rebuild the diagram.

View step card

To view the details of a step, click the box in the flowchart diagram. A card will display the details of the step.

Click Prev or Next button to navigate between previous step and the next steps.

Complete step

To complete a step, click the Complete button on the step card. In the diagram, the completed step is also shown in green. The user information and DateTime will be directly documented. Following completion, the next steps will be displayed.

Undo complete

Click the Undo button to undo the completion.

Perform step action

The step card will display an action button for each step action configured. To perform the step action, click the button.


Diagrams and step cards can be configured to display at a specific width. To update the settings, click Configure.

  • Width - The width of the workflow chart. 6/12 means 50% of total width.

  • Should disable actions if step not current - Check this box to prevent proceeding to other steps until the current step is completed.

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