Display and track activities related to one or multiple records


The activities widget serves as a dynamic tool designed to display and track activities related to one or multiple records within Labii. Primarily utilized for monitoring purposes, it offers users a comprehensive overview of interactions, updates, and modifications made to the associated data, ensuring heightened data integrity. With its intuitive interface, users can effortlessly navigate through a chronological log of activities, facilitating real-time monitoring and analysis. Whether managing individual records or overseeing multiple entities, the activities widget provides invaluable insight, promoting efficient oversight and management of data integrity protocols.

This widget is similar to the Activities tab of record details view.

Use case

  • display the activities related to a customer in CRM


The widget operates seamlessly without requiring any additional configuration. By default, it showcases activities associated with the current widget. However, users have the option to activate it to display activities for multiple records. This can be achieved by adjusting the "Records" settings in the configurations.

  • Records - Choose one or multiple records to showcase the activities. If no records are chosen, the current record will be utilized.

Display activities

By default, the widget presents a chronological list of activities pertaining to the current records, exhibiting each entry with its respective date, icon, and activity message. Each activity message comprehensively outlines the actions taken, the data before and after changes, the associated user, and timestamp. Furthermore, if an activity is linked to a version, the version information will also be included. In the event of selecting multiple records, each activity message will explicitly denote the origin record it pertains to.

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