Frequently asked questions


What type of deployment could Labii support?

Premises based: Customer installs, operates and maintains the software on its own servers; and stores the data in its own data center(s).

Hosted / Software as a Service: A third-party installs, operates and maintains the software on its own or another entity’s servers; and stores the data in its own or another entity’s data center. Processing and data are physically or virtually segregated from other customers.

Labii provides cloud-based services (LEN & LIMS) for subscription and pay-per-use plans.

A promises-based version (local version) is also available. Please contact sales@labii.com for more details.

What operating system do you support?

Labii supports all different kinds of operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, Android, iOS, etc.) as long as it has an internet connection and a web browser.

What devices do you support?

Labii supports all different kinds of devices (Desktop, smartphone, tablet, etc) as long as it has an internet connection and web browser.

Which browser do you support?

Labii is designed and tested under Chrome. We do not support IE.


How secure is your website?

Please read more at https://www.labii.com/features/

How secure is my data?

Please read more at https://www.labii.com/features/


What compliant do you follow?

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and FDA 21 CFR Part 11


I am the administrator, why do not I have the permission to edit project XXX, or import data into project XXX?

The administrator has the permissions to configure the whole account and grant permissions to other people. The administrator is more like an IT role and it does not have EDIT permission to the projects UNLESS you added yourself with the EDIT permission to it. To do that:

  1. Go to Settings -> Projects -> Select a project -> Click the Members at the sidebar

  2. Click Add to load the add member form

  3. Select yourself under personnel

  4. Select the Edit permission

  5. Click Submit


What is the file size limit in uploading?

The largest object that can be uploaded in a single PUT is 5 gigabytes.

Which types of files do Labii support?

Labii does not have any limitation on what type of files you can upload. You can upload whatever types of files you have.

However, only the following types of files are supported for preview:

  • *.txt

  • *.docx, *.dox

  • *.xlsx, xls

  • *.pptx, *.ppt

  • *.tsv, *.csv

  • *.pdf

  • *.gb, *.gbk, *.ape

What is the storage size limit?

Labii does not have any limitation on the storage size, we currently charge $10/100G/Month. For big files, we recommend you paste the links in Labii instead of uploading raw files.


How much do you cost?

Learn more at https://www.labii.com/pricing/

Can you provide a discount?

  • Yes, we offer a 50% discount for academic users. The email domain has to be *.edu

  • For small startup companies, please contact sales@labii.com for the discount info


Do you have API?

Yes, we provide REST API for you to interact the data with Labii.

How could other software integrate with Labii?

Other software can integrate Labii with Labii API.

Are you able to integrate with other software?

Yes, Labii uses widgets to provide an interface to integrate with other software. We can customize the widgets to meet your requirements.

What is the process to add an enhancement?

New functions/features can be added if required.

  • An invoice will be created based on the request.

  • We are usually able to finish it within one month.

  • The function is customer-specific, it is not available for other customers.


What's the difference between Labii and Benchling?

  1. Labii is centralized around the organization, all data created belong to the organization. Benchling is centralized around personal, the user has the freedom to set data as personal or organization.

  2. Labii provides full LIMS to store any type of data, which includes but not limited to Samples, Reagents, Equipment, Locations. Custom tables can be provided for all other types of data like Plasmid, Cell lines, Proteins, et.al. Benchling provides management of Registries, Samples.

  3. Benchling comes with gene editing and CRISPR (Paid customers only). Labii will provide widgets for the molecular tool as required.

Conclusion: Labii is good for organizations that value their research data, and who seeking better solutions in ELN to resolve research bottlenecks. Benchling is good for users who prefer a word-like interface as ELN, and who need easy-to-access molecular tools.

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What's the difference between Labii and LabWare?

  1. Labii is cloud-based, LabWare is premises-based.

  2. Labii ELN is advanced and enhanced with extendable functions. LabWare ELN is more like a text editor.

Conclusion: If you seeking a solution that able to meet your future requirements, agile, flexible, scalable, avoidable, and advanced, you should try Labii. If you are a big company, do not care about the budget, seeking a stable solution that does not require many changes, LabWare is the solution to go.

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What support plan do you provide?

Labii provides 3 support plans:

  1. Free online support tickets. Click Sidebar -> Help to submit a support ticket. We will get back to you within 1 hour - 7 days.

  2. Online chat ($100/account/month). You can start a chat with us and we will resolve your problem at no time. Click the Chat icon on the bottom left to start a conversation with us.

  3. Direct support ($50/hour). We will have in-person/video conferences/phone calls with you to help resolve your problems.

Are you able to provide 24 x 7 support?

Yes. We are continually hiring a support team across global to help you as soon as possible.

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