The Labii Widgets Related Protein Expression is a versatile tool designed to streamline the exploration and analysis of protein structure, sequence, and features. This comprehensive platform integrates various functionalities to provide researchers with a holistic view of protein expression. Through intuitive interfaces, users can visualize protein structures, examine amino acid sequences, and delve into key features such as post-translational modifications, binding sites, and functional domains. With its user-friendly design and robust capabilities, the Labii Widgets Related Protein Expression empowers researchers to efficiently investigate and elucidate the complex properties of proteins, facilitating advancements in diverse fields including molecular biology, drug discovery, and bioinformatics.


  • MolStar - MolStar is a modern web-based open-source toolkit for visualisation and analysis of large-scale molecular data

  • RCSB Saguaro - The RCSB Saguaro widget is a dynamic and open-source tool tailored to showcase protein features seamlessly on the RCSB Web Site.

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