Project Management


The following widgets will help you manage your projects and organize your daily activities.


The Tasks widget provides a professional view of the tasks table. Compared to the list view, this widget allows nested tasks to be displayed for each task in the list.
  • Click Add task button to add a new task
  • Click Add subtask icon to add a new subtask
  • Click check icon to complete a task, click it again to reopen it
  • Click Edit icon to edit task name, accounts, date, assignees
Click the Edit button to configure the widget.
  • Table - Select the task table you created from the task template
  • Filter - To further narrow the results, select a filter
    • Uncompleted tasks for all unfinished tasks
    • Started tasks for all tasks that have started
    • Started but uncompleted tasks for the started unfinished tasks
  • Columns - Columns to display.
Last modified 1yr ago