Track sample consumption

Tracking the usage of samples or reagents


Sample consumption is a record of sample or reagent usage in a biotech laboratory. To meet the requirement of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and FDA 21 FR Part 11, the sample consumption shall always be captured and recorded when performing a scientific experiment. On one hand, the record can guide other scientists to follow and reproduce the result. On the other hand, these records are critical to finding the problems if anything goes wrong.

Sample consumption tracking is challenging in ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) and LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). It requires the functionalities of both ELN and LIMS. All samples and reagent are stored in the LIMS, however, the act of consumption happens during the experimentation process. As such, this functionality is not available for almost all ELN or LIMS product in the market.

Labii ELN & LIMS has stepped in to combine the data management for both ELN and LIMS in one online repository. With the flexibility of data storage and extensibility of functionalities in Labii ELN & LIMS, the tracking of sample consumption is now possible and easy to document.

This documentation covers the necessary steps to configure your Labii ELN & LIMS account to store the sample consumption details.


  • Install Sample Management application.

To install the application:

  1. Select Applications from Settings -> Applications

  2. Click Add application and select Add from a template

  3. Choose the application name from the pop-out modal. A lack of such an option indicates that you have already installed it.


The design of sample consumptions incorporates a structured approach centered around columns detailing quantity, unit, and quantity left, facilitating meticulous tracking of sample quantities. Complemented by a consumption table for documenting consumption actions, this design ensures comprehensive documentation of sample utilization. Whether showcased within a sample to demonstrate consumption or integrated into an experiment to elucidate sample utilization, the consumption activities provide a transparent and systematic framework for understanding the progression of sample usage throughout various scientific endeavors.

General Usage

To effectively monitor sample consumption, adhere to these comprehensive usage guidelines:

  1. Creating a New Sample:

    • Specify the quantity and unit of the sample.

  2. Adding Consumption:

    • Initiate a new consumption record.

    • Input the quantity and unit of consumption. Note that the unit need not necessarily match the unit of the sample.

    • Optionally, associate the consumption with a specific experiment.

    • Click "Submit" to confirm.

  3. Viewing Consumption Details:

    • After submission, consumption details will be visible in the Section view of the sample.

    • The Consumption widget will dynamically update the remaining quantity for the sample and issue a warning if it falls below the predefined threshold.

  4. Adding Consumption to an Experiment:

    • While documenting experiment notes, include details on the samples utilized and their respective quantities.

    • Create an experiment record.

    • Navigate to the Samples section.

    • Opt to "Add Consumption" or utilize the Scan function for efficiency.

    • Adjust the unit as needed.

    • Upon completion, the consumption record will be accessible under the Consumption History of the respective sample.

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