Perform formula calculations and return values based on specific definitions


The calculation type of widget in Labii is a versatile tool designed to perform formula calculations and return values based on specific definitions. This widget enables users to input mathematical formulas and variables, facilitating complex calculations within Labii's interface. Whether it's simple arithmetic operations or more intricate scientific equations, this widget provides a user-friendly platform for executing calculations efficiently. Users can define their own formulas or utilize pre-existing templates, ensuring flexibility and customization to suit various scientific and analytical needs. With its intuitive interface and robust functionality, the calculation widget in Labii empowers users to streamline their data analysis processes and derive meaningful insights with ease.


  • Formula - The Formula widget empowers users to craft tailored calculations by harnessing JavaScript formulas within their application interface.

  • Numbering - The Numbering widget offers a versatile solution for generating unique IDs with auto-increment functionality

  • RowCount - Streamline the process of displaying row counts within a user interface.

  • Consumption - Calculating and tracking remaining volumes of samples or reagents.

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