Signing and witnessing an document

An electronic signature, or e-signature, refers to data in electronic form, which is logically associated with other data in electronic form and which is used by the signatory to sign.

Labii ELN & LIMS (Electronic Lab Notebook and Laboratory Information Management System) is designed to fully match the requirement of regulation organizations. Specifically:

  • Once signed, the document will be locked from editing.

  • The e-signature contains the document, date time, and user information.

  • Multiple users can be configured with various roles.

  • User's login password is required to avoid unauthorized signatures.

  • Signatures are signed in order. Later signers have permission to revoke previous signatures


The Signers widget replaces the previous Signature, Double Signature, Triple Signature, and Approval Signatures widgets.


At Labii, a signature contains information about the record, the user, and the date. A typical signature looks like this:


Signers widget

The Signers widget is the widget wrapper for the Signers tab. The widget has exactly the same function as the signers tab. It allows users to manage a list of signers and sign documents in your document directly.

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