Record List

Widgets that showcase lists of records within specific sections of a record


The "Record List" widget series introduces a set of dynamic tools meticulously crafted to showcase lists of records within specific sections of a record. This versatile feature enables users to seamlessly display diverse sets of data, such as a list of vials containing samples or an inventory of chemicals, effortlessly integrating this information into their reports. Whether managing scientific data or tracking inventory, the Record List widgets offer a user-friendly interface that allows for easy customization, empowering users to present and interact with their records in a manner that aligns precisely with their reporting and analytical requirements.


  • Record List - Showcase a curated list of records from a specific table.

  • Record List by Column - Showcase a list of records organized by the values of a ForeignKey or ForeignKeys column

  • Record List by ForeignKey - Exhibit a list of records linked to the current record through a ForeignKey or ForeignKeys column

  • Record List by Query - Presents a curated list of records based on a user-defined query

How to choose

For users unfamiliar with these widgets, determining the appropriate one to use can be confusing. To alleviate this confusion, let's illustrate the selection process by providing an example that demonstrates how to choose a record list widget based on your specific requirements.

Consider a scenario where Record A features a ForeignKeys column referencing both Record 1 and Record 2, while Record B has a ForeignKey(s) column pointing to Record 2.

To display a list of records mentioned in the ForeignKey Column of Record A (i.e., Record 1 and Record 2), employ the Record List by Column widget.

Conversely, if you wish to showcase records that refer to Record 2 (i.e., Record A and Record B), utilize the Record List by ForeignKey widget when working within the context of Record 2.

This distinction in widget usage ensures an effective and tailored presentation of interconnected records based on the specific relationships defined within the dataset.

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