LIMS for Sample Testing

Labii LIMS for Sample Testing is an advanced platform meticulously crafted to facilitate seamless tracking of testing services provided to customers.


Labii LIMS for Sample Testing is an advanced platform meticulously crafted to facilitate seamless tracking of testing services provided to customers. With Labii LIMS, users gain unparalleled control over every aspect of the testing process, from customer and order information management to monitoring testing progress and documenting experiment notes. Additionally, the platform effortlessly generates comprehensive reports, ensuring thorough analysis and precise communication of results. Labii LIMS sets a new standard for efficiency and accuracy in sample testing workflows, empowering users to deliver exceptional service and maintain optimal client satisfaction.


To install Labii LIMS for Sample Testing, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the "Settings" menu and select "Applications."

  2. Click on "Add application" and choose "Add from a template."

  3. Look for "LIMS for Sample Testing" in the template options. If you do not see it, it means that the application is already installed.

Additionally, it is recommended to install the "Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) for Production" and "Customer Relationship Management (CRM)" application along with Labii LIMS for Sample Testing.


Labii LIMS for NGS is designed with multiple tables to capture and store relevant information. Here are the main tables used in the application:

  1. Testing Table: Stores information about testing records.

  2. Quality Control Table: Stores quality control records of testing.

  3. Report Table: Store the reports of testing.

Each table consists of specific columns and sections to capture relevant information related to the Sample Testing workflow.

General Usage

Labii LIMS for Sample Testing provides a user-friendly interface to perform various tasks in the Testing workflow. Here are the general usage instructions:

  1. Creating New Records: Users can create new records by following the specific workflows available in the application. For example, to add biospecimen, the "Scan" feature can be used.

  2. Managing Records in Table List View: All records can be accessed and managed in the table list view. Users can filter, sort, and perform batch actions on the records.

  3. Viewing Record Details: Clicking on a record in the table list view opens the record details, which displays all associated information and allows for further editing if required.

Testing Workflow

Please follow the steps below to conduct the testing workflow:

  1. Check if accounts and contracts exist in CRM. If not, create them.

  2. Place an order for the account if it doesn't already exist.

  3. Generate a new test for the order.

  4. Record sample receipt to receive samples from the customer and check them into inventory.

  5. Conduct testing experiments according to specified steps.

  6. Perform data analysis experiments.

  7. Carry out quality control checks by creating QC records.

  8. Prepare a report based on the findings.

  9. Send out the report to relevant parties.

  10. Dispose of samples as per customer's instructions.


In conclusion, Labii LIMS emerges as a formidable solution for sample testing management, offering a comprehensive platform to handle all data pertinent to testing processes. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface streamlines the entire workflow, empowering users to efficiently manage every aspect of testing with ease. As organizations navigate the complexities of sample testing, Labii LIMS stands as a powerful ally, facilitating smooth operations and precise data management for enhanced productivity and results.

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