DateTime widgets are designed to handle a wide range of data-related date and time functionalities


The "Datetime" type of widgets are essential components in Labii, designed to handle a wide range of data-related date and time functionalities. These widgets empower developers to manage and manipulate date and time information seamlessly within their applications, providing tools for input, display, and manipulation of timestamps, calendars, and durations. With features like date pickers, time selectors, and various formatting options, datetime widgets enable the user-friendly input and presentation of date and time data, facilitating tasks such as scheduling, event management, and data analysis. Their adaptability and precision make them indispensable for creating applications that rely on accurate and user-friendly time-related functionality.


  • Date - Easily and accurately input dates

  • Time - Streamlined time selection

  • DateTime - Select both a date and time

  • Appointment - Efficiently schedule and manage appointments

  • TimeStamp - Capture the current timestamp

  • Timezone - Display the current time in a specific timezone

  • TimeSeal - Provide signature and timestamp of specific activities

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