CKEditor Balloon

A text editor that allows users to create and edit content directly in its target location


The CKEditor Balloon widget simplifies content creation and editing processes by allowing users to modify text directly in its intended location. The widget includes a balloon toolbar that appears alongside the selected editable document element, providing quick and easy access to formatting options. It serves as an alternative to traditional text editors by providing a more seamless and efficient editing experience.

Use cases

  • Edit document text that does not require extensive formatting or rich text features

  • Quickly make changes and corrections to content in real-time


The CKEditor Balloon widget does not require any specific settings to be configured for it to operate. It seamlessly integrates into the Labii, allowing users to start editing content immediately.


The interface of the CKEditor Balloon widget is a plain text editor with a simplified menu bar. When a portion of the text is selected, a balloon toolbar appears alongside it, providing easily accessible options for text formatting. The interface is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing for seamless editing and content creation.


  • Font

    • Font Size

    • Font Color

    • Font Background

    • Alignment

    • Bold

    • Italic

    • Underline

    • Strikethrough

    • Subscript, Superscript

    • Block Quote

    • Code Block

  • List

    • Bulleted List

    • Numbered List

    • Indent

    • Outdent

  • Image upload

  • Table

  • Link

Generate text context with AI

In addition to its core functionality as a text editor, the CKEditor Balloon widget also supports AI-generated text with chatGPT prompts. This integration enhances the content creation process by leveraging AI capabilities to generate text content based on provided prompts. This feature can further streamline content creation and provide valuable assistance to users.

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