Plain Text

A simple and lightweight text box that supports markdown.


The Plain Text widget serves as a basic text input tool that allows users to enter and edit text content. It provides a convenient and familiar interface similar to a typical text box, enabling users to input or modify plain text with markdown formatting support. This widget offers a minimalistic design and focuses on simplicity, making it ideal for various use cases.

Use Cases

  • Adding instructions or descriptions: The Plain Text widget can be used to provide instructions or descriptions for a record, making it easier for users to understand and follow specific guidelines.

  • Quick note-taking with markdown: This widget is perfect for taking quick notes or jotting down ideas that require formatting, thanks to its markdown support. Users can easily format their notes using common markdown syntax.


The Plain Text widget provides a settings interface that allows users to update the text content. The following details the available settings options:

  • Text editor interface: The widget displays a simple editor interface that users can interact with to input or modify the text content.

  • Markdown support: The Plain Text widget supports markdown, enabling users to apply formatting such as headers, lists, links, and bold/italic styles.


The interface of the Plain Text widget presents a text box where users can input or edit the content. The context of the text is displayed in a plain format, providing a clear and uncomplicated view of the entered text. Users can easily interact with the widget to add or modify text, utilizing the markdown formatting capabilities when desired.

Generating markdown with AI

By leveraging the power of AI, the widget can generate markdown based on the given context. By submitting a ChatGPT prompt description, the widget can convert the response into the appropriate Markdown format. This feature simplifies the process of generating markdown content, making it more efficient for users.

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