Schedule equipment that makes utilization attributable to the person using the equipment


Labii ELN & LIMS can be used to manage the equipment for the maintenance processes like calibration, routine maintenance, sterilization, sanitization, etc. The Scheduling widget enables you to schedule equipment that makes utilization attributable to the person or department using the equipment.

Scheduling involves presenting data from the equipment usage table in the form of widgets, with each widget displaying the usage details for a specific piece of equipment.

Use cases

  • Schedule the usage of equipment.


The scheduling widget necessitates integration with a table for storing all scheduling events effectively. Therefore, the widget requires specific settings to enable its seamless functionality and interaction with the designated table.

  • Table - Select a table that has columns referred to this record as the value of ForeignKey or ForeignKeys.

  • Column - The ForeignKey or ForeignKeys column that referenced to this record.

  • Column (Appointment) - Please select the Appointment column. The Appointment column is used to display the schedule on the calendar.

  • Column (user) - Please select the 'User' column, which is used to indicate who scheduled the event.

  • Fields - Fields of the table to display. The name field will always be included.

  • Should allow conflict - Check this field to allow scheduling of conflicting events.


The resource to schedule is the current record, it can be equipment, a machine, a greenhouse, etc. The name of the resource is displayed on the top. The Scheduling widget still provides the month, week, and day view. The length of the step is not set, which means the user can book whatever time range during the scheduling.

Add scheduling

Similar to the Calendar widget, the scheduling can be added via either select a time range or click the Add scheduling button.

You can also schedule the equipment at the experiment using Record List By ForeignKey widget.

Edit scheduling

Click a scheduling or event at the list view to edit the scheduling.

You can also edit the scheduling by drag and drop the event from the calendar.

Remove scheduling

To delete a scheduling entry, you have two options: click the event on the calendar and confirm removal by selecting "Yes" from the prompted window, or alternatively, switch the "is_archived" status to "true" from the list view to achieve the same result.

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