Record List

Showcase a curated list of records from a specific table.


The Record List widget serves as a dynamic and user-friendly tool for showcasing a curated list of records from a specific table, highlighting designated fields to provide a concise yet comprehensive overview. This versatile widget not only facilitates the seamless display of essential information but also empowers users to efficiently modify the fields of individual records within the same interface.

Use cases

  • Display list of reagents to be used in a experiment.

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To enable the widget's functionality, it is essential to provide settings for both the table and fields. These settings will determine the specific type of records to be displayed and the fields that should be included in the presentation.

  • Table - Select a table from which to limit the records. You can only select records from this table.

  • Fields - Fields of the table to display. The name field will always be included.

  • Records - Select one or more records.

  • Workflows - Choose one or more workflows for execution.


The widget interface exhibits a list of records with predefined fields. Notably, the name field will be visible irrespective of the selection of other fields.

Add records

To add new records, click Edit Records button and select records under the field of Records

Add records via scan

Labii supports the addition of records through the scan function to streamline the process. This functionality is exclusive to the configured table, and the scan function automatically excludes records that have already been added. To add records via scanning, simply click the Scan button and utilize the Scanner to read the barcode or QR code.

Update field value

With Edit permissions, you have the ability to update one or multiple fields of the displayed records by clicking the edit icon next to the respective field.

Open list view

Utilize the "Open List View" button to present the records in a list view, where you can access various functions such as export, bulk edit, bulk print, and more.


Occasionally, the list may be refreshed in alternative locations, and you can select the Reload button to update the record list.

Execute workflows

If one or more workflows are chosen in the settings, a list of workflows will appear, and you can initiate each workflow by clicking the "Execute Workflow" button.

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