Sample Aliquoting

An aliquot is a type of sub-sample that is taken or extracted from an original sample.


An aliquot is a type of sub-sample that is taken or extracted from an original sample.

It is always tedious to document the sample aliquoting process in a LIMS. Labii made it easy with Sample Aliquoting widget.

This is an updated version of the widget. What has been updated:

  • Use aliquots table to document the aliquots. Previously the aliquots are created under the table of samples. It created a lot of duplicated samples. The new aliquots table can manage all aliquots in one place.

  • Use consumption table to manage the usage event. Previously the widget update the volume_value to reflect the usage. This does not capture all necessary information. By using the consumption table, it can track the consumption history and maintain the volume left for the sample.

  • Easy to track the further usage. The aliquots can be referenced as a sample during the experimentation and can be checked out easily.

The widget enables you:

  1. Create sample records for the number of aliquots in bulk.

  2. Manage the list of aliquots.

  3. Create consumptions for the sample to tracking the usage


This widget rely on other configuration, please make sure these configuration in place to make it work:

The below 3 tables are needed. They can be created by using a table type. If your organization is created using LIMS application, these tables will be created directly.

  • samples

    • volume_value

    • volume_unit

  • consumptions

    • sample

    • amout

    • unit

  • aliquots

    • sample

    • volume_value

    • volume_unit

Configure aliquoting

Before start creating the aliquots, a few settings need to be configured first:

  • Column [Volume Value] - Select the column that defines the Volume Value. The volume value will be assigned to this column and the total volume will be subtracted from the parent sample.

  • Column [Volume Unit] - Select the column that defines the Volume Unit.

  • Number of aliquots - The number of aliquots to create

  • Aliquot volume value - The volume for each aliquot. If different volume needs for many batches of aliquots, update this value to recreate the aliquots.

  • Table [Aliquots] - Select the aliquots table.

  • Table [Consumptions] - Configure the consumption table. If this table is not selected, the configuration table will not be created.

Create aliquots

Click the Create x Aliquots button to create aliquots. Once clicked, a progress bar will show you creating progress. The aliquot will be named after the sample by appending "(aliquot x)".

You can click the button again to create a second batch.

Please note the log will be documented at the bottom of the widget.

Manage aliquots

A list of aliquots (Available aliquots and Used aliquots) will be displayed once created. On default, only 10 aliquots will be displayed, you can click the Load More to load a second page. You can also click the List View button to manage the aliquots in the list view.

Checkout aliquots

To check out aliquots, change the is_used to True

The consumptions

The widget will also create consumption for you. Consumption indicates how the sample is used. The experiment field of consumption will remain empty.