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Show section content of other record


Different people might involved in preparing a protocol and perform an experiment. An experiment usually need to cite a protocol, and ideally display the content of the protocol in a ELN. However, it is not efficient to copy the same content again and again. Section Citation is designed for this situation: display the content from a protocol in an experiment. Or, more generally, display the data from a section in a record in one other record.

To meet the regulation requirement, a protocol shall not change in an experiment once signed. The widget enable you to do that via selecting one particular version of a record. The version is optional, you can still ignore the version to display the most recent data.

The Section Citation has been updated to allow any type of sections/widgets.

Before started

To use this widget, a record need to be created with one of the above widget.

How to use

  1. Create a section with Section Citation widget

  2. Click Edit to configure

    1. Select a record that contains the data to display

    2. Select a version (optional). A newest version will be selected on default. Select "---" is you want to ignore the versions. Ignoring the versions will end up display the newest version of a record all the time.

    3. Select one or more sections to display.

  3. Click Submit

Displaying the data

Once configured, the readonly data of the selected sections will be displayed.

The first line provides the link to the original record:

  • If a version is provided, click link will redirect you to the version preview

  • If a version is not provided, click link will redirect you to the record detail.

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