Update and manage personnels settings.


Personnels are the members of your organization. Use it to control who can access your research data.

There are 3 roles for the personnel:

  • Administrators - have full permission to configure the whole account

  • Member - have permission to create records

  • Alumni - no permission to view or edit the data. A member can not be deleted, archived it to block the access.

Labii does not charge the archived members.

Manage all personnel

You can get a list of personnel by following these steps:

  1. Click the menu icon on the top left

  2. Click on Settings

  3. And select “Personnels” (under permission settings)

The columns for the personnel are as follows:

  • Names

  • Email address

  • Title

  • Is Administrator - either true or false

  • Is Archived - either true or false

  • Date Start - date of when the personnel joined

  • Date End - date of when the personnel/employee left. Use is_archived (mentioned above) to block user access

You can edit the email, title, “is administrator,” “Is Archived,” start and end date. Simply hover your mouse to the filed you’d like to edit and a pencil icon will appear for you to edit/update the info.

Add Personnel

  1. You can add new personnel to your organization by clicking the “+” icon located on the top.

  2. Fill in the required fields: email, first/last name, and title. You also have additional fields that are optional as well. Once done updating the fields, click submit.

  3. Once submitted, the new user will receive an email to activate their account and set up their login password.

If you are using the subscription plan and are out of seats, please contact to add more seats.

If you are on the PPU plan, you can add unlimited members.

Personnel Detail

To edit personnel detail, click on the personnel’s name and here are the fields that you can edit/update:

  • Email

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Title - the title of the user

  • Date Start - when did the personnel joined the organization

  • Date End - the end date which will block user access

  • Is Administrator - whether the user is the administrator

  • Is Use Single Sign On - disable it if the user do not want to use SSO. To use SSO, please make sure the organization has enabled this feature.

  • Should Receive Weekly Digest - you can choose if you’d like to receive an email about your weekly activities by either checking or unchecking the box

  • Should Receive Mention Notification - if checked, you will receive an email whenever a co-worker mentions you in a record.

  • Should Receive Record Change Notification - Ability to choose if you want to receive notifications if there are changes to a record

  • Metadata - For each metadata, the label and value need to be provided. Multiple metadata can be added via clicking Add Metadata button

  • Is Archived - Ability to archive a member, if checked, the member’s access will be blocked

  • Updated By - The Personnel who updated any of the fields listed above

  • Date Updated - automatically captured in the background within Labii ELN & LIMS when changes are made

The sidebar to the left has the following:

  • Add Personnel - click to add new personnel; same as the “+” icon on the top

  • Personnels - All personnels within your organization

  • Active Personnels - Click here to see only active personnels within your organization

  • Archived Personnels - Click here to only see archived personnels within your organization

  • Teams - Click here to view teams within your organization; Only the team you have access to are displayed

  • Projects - Click here to see projects within your organization

  • Help - link to our dedicated support and tutorial page

Navbar on the top has the following:

  • Search - Click the “search” icon to quickly find a specific personnel

  • Menu Drop List - Click on the “Menu” icon:

    • Ability to import and export

    • Links to quickly see all, active, or archived personnels

    • Along with links to teams, projects, and Help - our dedicated support page with documentation/screenshots/videos.