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Change table settings to meet your requirement


Use the table settings to customize how do you want to store the data. Please be very careful, each of change will affect your data dramatically. These changes can not be restored. Only Administrators has permission to make changes.

The settings of tables can be reached at Sidebar -> Settings -> Tables

Settings of Tables


All tables is customizable, these attributions can be updated for a table:




The icon of the table. The icon will be used to display in the sidebar. Use a name from

Name singular

The name of the table as singular, for example sample

Name plural

The name of the table as plural, for example samples

Name system

System reserved table, for example file.

Unique code

A few up-case letters that append to id of record

Table type

Choose of Document or Substance

Show in menu

Should the table attached in the sidebar

Is archived

If checked, the table is not available to use.

Add a table

Click the "+" icon on the nav bar to add a table, fill in the value as described in the attributions. Only the administrators can do so.

Customize Column

Columns can be added to meet the specific requirement of the table.

Click the Column section -> "+" button to add a new column.

Column list of a table

Customize Default Sections

Customize Filters