Chemical Drawing

Draw chemical structure


Chemical Drawing widgets allow you to draw chemical structures including chemical compounds, reactions, Markush structures.

Here are a list of Chemical Drawing widgets that supported in Labii:




Marvin JS


Draw and modify standard and advanced chemical structures

Marvin JS

Marvin JS is ChemAxon's novel chemical editor designed for the wider community. This revolutionary new product provides a clean, exciting and user-oriented tool for quick and convenient drawing of chemical structures as well as reactions/reaction mechanisms.

Labii has integrated Marvin JS in ELN & LIMS, users can create molecular structures with Marvin JS and can save the structure for later use. Detail of Marvin JS user guide can be found at here.


Remember to click the Save to save. The save button from Marvin JS interface could not save the data to Labii.


The edit interface will be hidden in the readonly interface, instead, a picture will be displayed.

Edit picture size

The size of the readonly picture can be modified. Click Edit icon to modify. Default to 400px X 300px.