Online drawing application


Smartphones and Tablets have been greatly used in Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN). Labii ELN & LIMS has a complete mobile responsive design which supports all phones, tablets, and browsers. The mobile users can now further take advantage of Labii's drawing functions.


The sketch widget is based on the react-sketch. Use this widget to write down your ideas, create shapes, modify existing pictures, and more.

Sketch Widget


  • Save - save the sketch

  • Tool - drawing tools

    • Pencil - drawing pencil

    • Line - draw lines

    • Rectangle - create rectangles

    • Circle - create circles

    • Select - disables drawing and gives you the ability to modify existing elements in the canvas

    • Pan - disables drawing and gives you the ability to move the complete canvas at will, useful to adjust the canvas when zooming in or out

  • Line width - change line width. Labii provides the options of 1px to 24 px.

  • Font color - change the font/line color

  • Fill color - change the fill color of a shape

  • Background color - change the curve background

  • Text - insert text into the canvas

  • Undo - undo the previous step

  • Clear - clear all data

  • Zoom in

  • Zoom out

  • Resize - resize the canvas.

    • Default to 100% in width, 610px in height.

    • When width=100%, changing the screen size will change the shape of the drawing. To keep the shape of the drawing, use the resize function to save an absolute value of the width.

  • Image - insert a picture into the drawing

  • Download - download the drawing as a picture.