Widgets to upload and manage files


File widgets are used to insert file(s) into the detail of a record. The files can be those files already uploaded to Labii ELN & LIMS or the files in the local computer and uploaded directly in the widget.

Labii provides 3 widgets to manage files:

  • Files - Upload and preview multiple files

  • File - Upload and preview one file

  • Files (No Preview) - Similar to Files, but no preview on default.

File Types

Labii supports all files in uploading and support below files in previewing.

Supported files in preview:





*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.png, *.gif, *.bmp, *.tiff

*.tiff only supports in Safari browser





Tabular Data

*.tsv, *.csv




*.doc, *.docx


*.xls, *.xlsx


*.ppt, *.pptx


*.gb, *.gbk, *.ape (coming soon)

Display circular and linear map

Add files

The steps for all 3 widgets are the same:

  1. Drag files to click the Cloud icon to upload files. The files will be uploaded automatically, once finished, files will be added into the section.

  2. Click "Add existing files" button to choose files that already uploaded. You can type part of file name to search.

  3. Click "edit" icon next to file name to update the file name

  4. Click "edit" icon next to description to update the file description

  5. You can also add/edit/delete the metadata related to the files

  6. The file size is displayed. The file preview is disabled when file size is bigger than 500KB.

  7. Click "Download" to download the file

  8. Click "Load" to load the preview. Load button will only be visible when the preview is supported for the file type.

  9. Click "Remove" to remove the file from the section. The file is only removed from the current section, it does not delete from the Labii system.

  10. Click the file name to see the detail of the file.

Readonly interface of a File Widget, without Preview

Take a picture

You can take a picture with your cell phone and upload to Labii directly with the File widget.

To do that, click the Cloud icon, select the Camera and the picture will be uploaded directly once took.

Record video

Similarly, you can record a video with above method by selecting Camera (Video).


This section show off many cool functions of File widget.


Labii can play the uploaded video directly.

Plasmid Map

The plasmid map of a Genbank file can be displayed in a circular or linear map. This function is modified from openVectorEditor.

Genbank file preview for a plasmid map in circular