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Text related widgets to edit text data


Use text widgets to add text to a record. The text widgets are text editors that like MS Word.

Plain Text

The Plain Text widget is more like a text box. It is simple, light. It also support markdown. Plain Text is good for those fields accepts simple text data and for those developers prefer markdown.

Click the 'edit' icon to edit the text.

Edit interface of Plain Text

Once submitted, the markdown will be parsed directly:

Readonly interface of Plain Text

Labii also supports file content extraction via drag and drop *.docx, *.txt, or *.md files to the 'cloud' icon.

Rich Text

Rich Text widget is design for those people familiar with MicroSoft Word. It WYSIWYG.

Click the 'edit' icon to start editing. Use the button in the menu to change the formatting of the text.

Edit interface of Rich Text

Just like Plain Text, files (*.docx, *.txt, or *.md) can be drag and drop to the 'cloud' area to extract the content.

‚ÄčMention is also supported in Rich Text widget. Type @, and a list of records will show up. You can also type a few words to search. Once selected, the mentioned item is clickable.