Add records in bulk

In addition to adding records one by one, the bulk add form also allows you to add multiple records at once.

Add from side menu

  1. Click the Add button in the side menu.

  2. Choose a table. Simply click the "..." icon next to a table, and then select the Add records in bulk option.

  3. A table with list of form will be displayed.

  4. To add a row, click the Add row button. Add 5 samples at once by clicking Add 5 rows.

  5. To remove a row, scroll right and click the Remove button.

  6. If your table has a lot of columns, scroll right to see the entire list.

  7. Most of the data are identical when adding samples in bulk. In order to reduce your work, you can copy data from one row to another, and only change the rows that differ. To copy data to all rows, scroll right and click the Copy to all button.

  8. Click Submit to create multiple records.

Add from project list view

When you click a Project / Folder and at the Project List View, you can add any type of table from the navigation bar.

By clicking the "+ Add" button, you will see the same interface as "Add from side menu".

Add from table list view

In the Table List View, you can add a new record from the Add record button

  1. Click the "Add [Table name]" button

  2. A dropdown menu will be opened. Select "+ Add [Table name] in bulk". A table with list of form will be displayed.

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