Sections View

Provides the detail content of the record

The section view of a record displays the sections of the record. Each section holds certain data of the record and uses a specific widget to display and edit the content.

Open sections view

Similar to the columns view, the sections view can be accessed by clicking the sidebar of a record:

  1. Click a table to show a list of records

  2. Click a record

  3. Click the sections view from the sidebar

Add section

The section view contains many sections. Each section has one set of functions tied to a widget. With different widgets, you are able to insert different data for a record. There is no limit on the number of sections you can add.

To add a section:

  1. Click the “+” icon located above and below each section.

  2. In the pop model, select a widget to continue. On default, Labii loads a list of widgets that are the most often used.

    • Click Top widgets to show a list of widgets that are most often used

    • Select a category or subcategory to show all widgets belong to that category

    • Click Load More to show more widgets. In default, only the top 10 widgets are shown. The load more button will load a second page (another 10) widgets.

    • Type in any text to search for a widget.

  3. Once clicked, a new model will show up to allow you to provide the name of the section. Click the "Submit" to create the section.

Select a widget

Update section content

Based on what widget the section is using, the interface will vary a lot. The usage of each widget can be found here.

For example, with the CKEditor widget, you can use it to edit rich text.

Edit section

Click the “menu icon” located on the top right of each section to see more options to edit the section.

Edit section name

Select the Change Section to edit the section name. The name and description of the section can be updated.

Edit section description

Select the Change Section to edit the section description.

Archive section

To discard or hide the section, click the menu icon, and select the Archive Section to hide the section.

Do not worry, your data will not get lost. You can find it in your version history.

Workflow view

The workflow view can open the section in the workflow view page.

Reset content

Select "Reset Content" from the list of options to reset the content of the section. This will delete all the data in the section.

Do not worry, your data will not get lost. A new version will be created and you can still find the old data in the versions.

Save default section data

To avoid configuring certain widgets repetitively, the default value of a section can be saved and re-used. Once the default section value is saved, the value will be loaded automatically when a new section is created.

The data saved are specific to the Table, Widget, and Section Name.

Labii provides 3 levels of default data:

  1. Personal level (Save as my default), for your personal preference.

  2. Project level (Save as project default), specific to a project.

  3. Organization level (Save as organization default), specific to your organization.

The data will be used in order.

  1. If the personal default data is saved, it will be used first.

  2. If the personal default data is not available, then the project default data will be used.

  3. If both personal default data and project default data are not available, then the organization default data will be used.

Only the project managers can save the project default data.

Only the administrators can save the organization's default data.


If you need to set up the signers for all of your experiments, save the settings of authors, witnesses, at your personal level. Then the same configuration will be added automatically.

  1. Create a section named "Signatures", choose the widget "Signatures".

  2. Add the authors and witnesses.

  3. Click "Save as my default"

  4. In the new experiment, when you create a section "Signatures" with the widget "Signatures", the same settings will be added directly.

Collapse content

The content of the section can be collapse and expand by clicking the section header.

Change order

The order of the section can be changed by dragging the section header.

Create support ticket

Use this function to report problems or provide feedback on the widget/section. Click the “ menu icon” located on the top right of each section" and select "Create support ticket" from the list of options.

Open documentation

You can find the help documentation on how to use the widget at this link. By clicking the “Open documentation”, it will open a documentation link.