Change settings and customize your organization.


From the sidebar, click "Settings" to the settings interface. All settings can be accessed from here. Only the Administrators can update the value of the settings.


Members have 3 different roles at Labii.
  • Administrator, administrators have full permissions to configure the Labii account. They are usually IT administrators. Set is_administrator=True to change a member to an administrator.
  • Member, members are the active users of the organization, they can add/edit the records. They are usually the R & D scientists. Set is_administrator=False to remove administrator permission of a member.
  • Alumni, alumni are those members who already left the organization. They do not have any access to view or edit records of the organization. Set is_archived=True to block a user's access.


Permissions are set at the project level. Different members have different permissions on different projects:
  • No Permission - The user does not have permission to view/edit the records.
  • View (Read-only) - The user can view the records but could not make any changes.
  • Edit - The user can add or modify the records.
  • Admin - User can add/modify the records, they can also change the permission of other users.