Download or configure the backup settings


You can create a backup/snapshot of your data and download a copy for your own archiving.

Please note it is not free to create a backup, this process require additional computer power to process your documents and zip it for downloading. Detail of pricing will be provided when creating a backup.

Manage backups

Backup is available at Settings -> Backup.

A list of backup will be displayed. This list shows a list of backups that created, the status and when did the backup is created.

Please note only the administrators can see the list.

Create a backup

A new backup can be created manually. To do that. Click "add" icon or Add Backup from sidebar.

The description shows how much it going to cost to create this backup. Once created, you will receive a email notification.

Backup detail

Click the link of a backup to see the detail.

The details shows:

  • Name, name of the backup

  • Description, the description of the backup

  • Status, the status of the backup

  • Versions, number of versions to be backup

  • Files, number of files to be backup

  • File Size, the size of the backup

  • File Path, download the backup

  • Date Created, the create date of the backup

Backup file structure

When the backup is downloaded and unzipped, you shall see these file structure:

+ Folder (Organization sid)
+ versions
+ ... list of versions in json
+ google
+ ... list of google suite documents
+ microsoft
+ ... list of microsoft office documents
+ ... list of files

The backup contains a list of files and version files in json.

  • Files: [UID]: [File name]

  • Version: [SID]_[Version]

Since the permission is controlled by your administrators. Labii could not download the table data and put it into the backup file. Please use the export function to match the files and versions with each records.