Manage the permissions of a project


Project member defined the permission for one (People) or a group of people (Team).

Permissions can be assigned to teams and individuals within a project. In a project member, you can assign either a team or a user, or you can assign both in one member object.

  • permission=Admin, the project manager(s). Administrators can update project settings, create subprojects, and update member access.

  • permission=Edit, Team members and people with Edit permission to the project can add new records and edit existing records.

  • permission=View, Users with the View permission to the project can read the record.

In the case of multiple permissions, the highest permission will be used.

List of members

Members are project specific. You can manage a list of members by open a project and then clicking Members tab.

Search members

You can search team by typing a keyword into the search bar in the member list view, and then clicking Search. The search results can always be cleared by clicking the Clear button.

Filter members

With the Filter function, you can limit the number of teams displayed. You can do that by clicking Active members and then selecting a filter from the dropdown. Here are a list of filters:

  • All members. Filter to display all members.

  • Active members. Filter to display the active members.

  • Archived members. Filter to display the archived members.

  • Managers. Filter to display project managers.

  • Write members. Filter to display members with write permissions.

  • Read members. Filter to display members with read permissions.

Member detail

Click a member name to view the detail of the member. Here are the fields of a member object:

  • Team - Can assign a particular member to a team if you’d like

  • Personnel - Name of the personnel

  • Project - Ability to see what project this particular member is associated with

  • Permission - Ability to view their permission level and can change it as well by clicking the pencil icon and the three options are as follows:

    • Admin - managers of the project

    • Edit - Able to add/change records belonging to this project

    • View - read-only to the project items

  • Is Archived - mark true if you’d like to block these members access from all data

A higher level of permission will be selected if a user has multiple permissions of a project. For example, if a user is added to a project with edit permission in the member section, and at the same time, the user is added with view permission with a team he/she belongs to in the team section. This user will have edit permission.

Add member

Members can be added to a project at the detail view of the project. If a member, includes the administrators, is not added to the project, the member do not have permission to import to create records related to this project.

To add one or more members:

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Select Projects

  3. Click the “Project Name”

  4. Select Members from the sidebar

  5. Click the “+” icon on top of the navbar

  6. Fill in the form and click submit

Import members

Multiple members can be created simultaneously using Import. You can do this by clicking Import in the team list view.

Export members

You can export a list of members by clicking Export button and select one option from the dropdown.

Delete member

In the member list view, a member can be deleted by clicking the Delete icon next to it.

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