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Google Workspace is a collection of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed and marketed by Google.

Using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), a user can use their managed Google account credentials to sign in to enterprise cloud applications via single sign-on (SSO). An identity and access management (IAM) service provides administrators with a single place to manage all users and cloud applications. You don't have to manage individual user IDs and passwords tied to individual cloud applications for each of your users. An IAM service provides your users with a unified sign-on across all their enterprise cloud applications.

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Setup Labii SSO with Google G Suite

To use Google G Suite as your SAML IdP to connect with Labii:

  1. Login to Google Admin

  2. Create an app: App -> SAML App -> Click "+" button -> SETUP MY OWN CUSTOM APP

  3. Download the "IDP metadata" and copy the content to Metadata XML in your Labii SSO Settings.

  4. In the "Basic information for your Custom App" page, type in "Labii" or "Labii ELN & LIMS" for your app name. Use this link to download the Labii logo.

  5. In the "Service Provider Details" page, copy and paste ACS URL, Entity ID. Set Name ID Format=Email

  6. On the Attribution Mapping page, add

  7. Create the app.

  8. To use the app, the service has to be enabled. App -> Edit Services -> On for everyone. Now refresh your google pages, you shall be able to see Labii in the app list.

  9. In the Labii SSO Setting page, copy the link of Labii login to IdP Login URL


Error: malformed_certificate

Your certificate may have expired. Log into your Google Admin Console and examine the expiration date on the certificate.

  1. Google Admin -> Apps -> Web and mobile apps -> Select your app -> Certificate -> Manage Certificate

  2. Click Download Metadata to download IdP metadata, and then copy the content and paste to Metadata XML in Labii SSO

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